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Wood fired Pizza Oven PIZZAIOLI 90cm

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Wood fired Pizza Oven PIZZAIOLI 90cm

Wood fired Pizza Oven PIZZAIOLI 90 cm is a special design to make PIZZAS but you can also do other dishes as Bread, roasts etc… With this amazing Oven you can cook a pizza in 90 seconds, the perfect Brick pizza Oven to Business or House. We use high temperature refractory mortar in the construction of this amazing Oven.

This design is PATENTED



Inside Diameter :75x70cm

External Dimensions:

-Width: 90cm

-Depth: 90CM

-Height: 90cm

-Weight: 480kgs


Output: Up to 70 Pizzas Hour

Pizza Capacity : 3 pizzas Ø 250mm

Time to cook a Pizza: 90 seconds

Wood consumption:

Starting wood: 5Kg – After the starting wood: 5Kg/hour


Wood fired Pizza Oven PIZZAIOLI 90cm the Ferrari to make your Pizzas!

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Price Information

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